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Tropicana, Havana


2014 plans

If you have previously read my blog you will know that I have always wanted to go travelling and it looks like those dreams may come true next year. We have been talking and talking, flicking through holiday catalogues and browsing the web for travelling ideas and we have FINALLY sort of decided a route.

Me and Ryan have decided to go travelling next year around April/May time… 1 because it is low season (accorrding to the travel agent) and also because it’s something which we both desperately want to do.

Our route which we are planning to go is…

London >  Las Vegas > Los Angeles > Rarotonga > Fiji > Whitsunday Islands > French Polynesia > Auckland > Christchurch > Melbourne > Brisbane > Singapore > Ho Chi Minh City > Phuket > London

And there we have it. Our itinerary!

I have no qualms with backpacking and roughing it slightly, surely that is part of the experience?! I really just want to see the world in all its beauty, regardless of whether I have washed my hair or not.

We are thinking of buying our flight tickets at christmas, this way we can’t put anything off because I am obviously the Queen of that.

That’s the idea anyway, it’s probably just best to see what happens.


Underwater Swimming

My boyfriend is a complete geek. When he first pulled out this Go Pro camera thing, I thought how the hell can that be any good?! Its no bigger than a Tamagotchi!! and then I saw this head strap and thought.. Woah, slightly too far. Turns out the Go Pro is the best camera ever. Look at the quality of the images, it is like you are actually there. Believe me, I wish I still was.

Underwater Swimming

Go Pro images really are the best


White sands and clear seas

Never in my life have I been to such a idyllic setting. Through my teen years I always went on holiday in Europe, don’t get me wrong they are great! But now I have had my eyes opened to the Caribbean… and I will certainly be returning. Cuba is perfect, it has the right amount of culture and the right amount of relaxation to make it a perfect holiday destination. I would recommend it to anybody who fancied going.

White sands and clear seas


Sunset Beach

You don’t see these Sunsets in Derby…


The first sunset in Varadero

The first sunset in Varadero


Havana – Tropicana

The Tropicana is a step back into the 1930’s… a traditional, sparkly and semi naked delight.

Havana - Tropicana