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Summer Sundays


The Trials and Tribulations of Saving

Since making the wild and wacky decision to go travelling at some point next year. Me and my beloved and decided that we are going to frantically save until that time comes. So far we have cancelled our subscription to SKY, and we have switched Energy Providers (N Power to Scottish Power, due to N Power’s outrageous 10.4% increase).

I’m trying to think of ways which I can save more money… I’m willing to do just about anything. I’ll eBay my belongings (along with some of Ryan’s belongings), I will forever shop at Aldi and Lidl and stay away from Marks and Spencer and Sainsburys.

Keep your eyes peeled for some of my items coming up on my eBay account – lucindagormley10

You never know… my trash could be your treasure.


Will certainly reveal more later…

The Queen of Putting Off


Every single time that I log onto Facebook I get jealous.

Everybody seems to be either uploading their travelling photographs, updating their status saying that they are having an ‘amazing time’ during their travels or they have booked an excursion to go travelling. This leaves me swimming in the jealous-sea and with a severe case of jealotosis.

It makes me think ‘why not me?’ ‘why them?’ ‘why do I have no balls?’ – clearly there is a reason why to that question, but you get my drift.

The furthest that I have travelled is Florida; but that was more of a family orientated holiday, I was like 12 years old – I’m hardly Dora the Explorer.

The thing for me is timing; when is the right time to go travelling? When you can’t find a job – got one of those quite recently… When you can’t find a boyfriend? – got one of those quite recently too. I don’t think that’s why people do go travelling, I’m not that shallow but I do think it gives them a shove in the right direction.

There are so many places that I want to explore and experience, and I really believe that I will never get round to exploring nor experiencing them – probably because I am the Queen of putting things off.

So in this minute at 6:30pm 22/07/2013 I have made the decision that I want to travel, travel far, travel so far that I don’t get 3G signal, not so far that I don’t get WIFI.

So now that I have made that decision, I can curb these plans for another 5 years whilst I carry on putting things off, thats just how Lucinda Kate works unfortunately.

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New beginnings…

Its been a while since i was here last. I got the job which I went for the interview on 7th May, which I absolutely love – and it actually has inspired me to regain my blogging status. So from the 16th July (FYI it is actually my birthday today, double yay!) I will be back blogging on a regular basis. 

A lot has changed for me in the past year: I graduated from University (even my parents were surprised), I found myself a lovely gentleman and I have moved in with him (a true gent, a Austenesque Darcy character I like to think) and I found a great job… so everything right now is pretty great. 


Unfortunately I don’t have the time to do the things that I used to do so much anymore. Reading, Writing, Socialising even walking my dog has taken a back seat since I have been finding my feet, but I think that in some ways thats just life. You make decisions and you prioritise, and eventually you grow up.


Any excuses as to why I haven’t blogged for about 6 months would include.. ‘I found my dream writing job’ and ‘I haven’t had time to blog because I have been so busy’, but honestly neither of those statements are true. In my absence I have been working my socks off, yes – but have I found my dream job? No. 

So today, this evening at 5pm to be precise I have an Interview, a big scary group interview and I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t a quivering mess right about now. Regardless of whether I get the position or not it does seem like a step in the right direction for me. In previous posts I talked about how I want to live in the big bad city of London and work in a Publishing House or a large Marketing Firm and I do, don’t get me wrong, but at the moment it just isn’t the right time and if I am being 100% honest, a little too terrifying. 

Breathe in, back straight, shoulders back (repeat a million times) and I should be a success in no time. 

Should the EBacc Virus be vaccinated?

Teachers, students, headteachers, parents, adults, children, teenagers, graduates and the unemployed.. no matter what the label may be we have all done exams, passed or failed we have all completed them. A richter 10 scaled earthquake in education has miraculously just happened straight after the marking down of GCSE English, and somehow I don’t believe that it is a coincidence.

Everybody (including myself) has a bias opinion on the matter, everybody feels that the year they sat their examinations at 16 whether it be O-Levels of GCSE’s they felt that they were hard and challenging for the year that they sat them. The truth being, they probably were. No matter how hard they may be I feel that GCSEs are simply a stepping stone onto A Levels, and A Levels a stepping stone to a Degree… but what about those who don’t want to pursue an acedemic career and what to do something more vocational? This change really will affect their prospects, and probably not in a good way. 

The fact is, is that as they stand the GCSEs aren’t challenging the top end of the student body, making their grades easier to obtain, so there is little to distinguish between the A* and the A pupils, but what I ask is surely that is down to the teaching? If you have a good teacher and you enjoy their classes, you are bound to do better? If you pay attention in class and find the lesson stimulating, you are bound to do better? If you stop messing around and start listening, you are bound to do better? The change to the EBaccs is an eye opener for all the students who think that they can sail by with doing the bare minimum because it is set to challenge them at a higher level. While they are at it, they may as well return the blackboard, cane and abacus. Personally I think the change is drastic, but action needs to be taken in order for students to find their highest potential… and still even if education isn’t for everybody if students actually absorbed what they were being taught in the first place, they shouldn’t necessarily have any problem tackling those harder exams…. I just hope it doesn’t cheapen the value of my 10 GCSEs in the process.