The Queen of Putting Off


Every single time that I log onto Facebook I get jealous.

Everybody seems to be either uploading their travelling photographs, updating their status saying that they are having an ‘amazing time’ during their travels or they have booked an excursion to go travelling. This leaves me swimming in the jealous-sea and with a severe case of jealotosis.

It makes me think ‘why not me?’ ‘why them?’ ‘why do I have no balls?’ – clearly there is a reason why to that question, but you get my drift.

The furthest that I have travelled is Florida; but that was more of a family orientated holiday, I was like 12 years old – I’m hardly Dora the Explorer.

The thing for me is timing; when is the right time to go travelling? When you can’t find a job – got one of those quite recently… When you can’t find a boyfriend? – got one of those quite recently too. I don’t think that’s why people do go travelling, I’m not that shallow but I do think it gives them a shove in the right direction.

There are so many places that I want to explore and experience, and I really believe that I will never get round to exploring nor experiencing them – probably because I am the Queen of putting things off.

So in this minute at 6:30pm 22/07/2013 I have made the decision that I want to travel, travel far, travel so far that I don’t get 3G signal, not so far that I don’t get WIFI.

So now that I have made that decision, I can curb these plans for another 5 years whilst I carry on putting things off, thats just how Lucinda Kate works unfortunately.

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photo credit: Mukumbura via photopin cc


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