Bake yourself Healthy? No Thanks.

This week in the news it would seem that The Great British Bake Off on BBC2 has spurred a baking epidemic. Everywhere I go people are talking about Mary Berry’s Victoria Sponge cake or how she doesn’t like soggy bottoms on her pastry. I too have been hit with the baking bug.

For girls (like me) that unfortunately have to watch their weight baking is a nightmare because we can’t be controlled around the sweet smell of sponge once it is made. Tricking ourselves that if we bake with fruit then it automatically makes it healthy never mind the 2000g of butter we fold into the mixture. I have searched high and low for an answer but there is only one conclusion: Baking is bad for you; mentally and physically, people say ‘You can bake yourself healthy, use low fat this, use low fat that…. it does not taste the same and I don’t appreciate being lied to.

Baking is rather therapeutic and now it is kind of an addiction of mine, I make about three cakes a week much to the dismay of my family (their jeans are getting tighter by the day!) Over the past few weeks I have gone from a baking virgin to Nigella Lawson’s apprentice, if only I had her sex appeal late at night sneaking into the fridge. Thankfully summer is coming to a close and we can say goodbye to the short skirts and dresses which emphasise every lump and bump on our bodies and hide underneath large autumn jumpers because no doubt if I carry on baking as much as I am I will have more lumps and bumps  to hide. That is no means of saying that I may trade in a double chocolate layered fudge cake for a simply lemon drizzle, because lemon is definitely healthier than chocolate so surely that counts? 


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