Jobless? Trying not to lose hope? Ditto!

So I’ve been unemployed for about 3 months, technically I don’t see it like that, I see it like a reallly big summer holiday. But now its coming to September, and I’m beginning to worry.. before I know it it will be Christmas and I won’t be able to buy people gifts.. I need an early christmas miracle. 

I really don’t know what people are looking for, do they want my blood? Honestly it may seem like I’m moaning 24/7, but I got the grades.. and I have (semi) relevant experience, I blog, I write articles, I have customer service experience.. I honestly just don’t know what some employers want.. Its honestly soul destroying… 

After many tears I came up with a system…

1. Sort your life out – This involves ebaying all your possessions, so you can socialise on a weekly basis & also it involves having mass clear outs (which mum is enjoying on a weekly basis)

2. Try something new – Me? If you have read my blog previously you will see that I have began baking, before I was a virgin to an oven and a mixing bowl but now I really enjoy it.

3. Don’t get depressed – Depression doesn’t work for anyone.. it gives you spots and dark under eyes, so do something that you enjoy daily – I like to read or watch films as a means for escapism 

I figured that if I do a little bit of each of these things on a daily basis then it makes searching for jobs that little bit more bearable & in the mean time i’m trying to enjoy the ‘little things in life’ than worrying about the rest.


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