Blogging: For business or pleasure?

I began this blog for no real reason, but simply to just write my thoughts down – by blogging I can relive moments in the past year and literally see in black and white the progress (or lack of) that I have made. This blog, is for me… and I suppose anybody else who wants to read it. 

Despite this being a personal blog, I wouldn’t mind others reading it but I don’t think it would bring people anything other than potentially a bedtime read due to my life being consistently dull. 

It is a common acknowledgment that Blogs are a way to get noticed. Perez Hilton is a big one (I am a fan, I love it.) The gossip, the bitching, the celebrity stardom is a real hit worldwide. But honestly so many people have began to blog in order to get noticed, that it is difficult to differentiate. Social Media has sky rocketed everybody’s social status on the world wide web that it makes it hard to make yourself stand out. People are now putting their blogs on their CVs and they are helping them secure employment, as their are increasing Digital Media positions where online Marketing is proving productive and profitable. Perhaps I should have rethought the title of this blog… Somehow ‘sitting on the boundary’ doesn’t really scream Hire Me. 

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