My LOVE For Jodi P

As you (or anybody bothering to read this blog) can see from my various Instagram uploads I have a slight obsession with books. The obsession with literature has not just stemmed from studying it at University, I loved reading before then; but whislt at University I began to understand that there were various genres that authors were able to tap into.

My best friend started reading Jodi Picoult novels years ago, and because we are extremely similar she said that I should give them a go. Obviously, when somebody tells you to do something you instantly don’t, so I didn’t… I left the Jodi P novel to the side for months and months. I would read the blurb of them and think, jesus christ these are depressing… this is going to make me want to commit. It wasn’t until I was bought a few of the novels for birthdays and christmas that I thought I should give one of them a go.

I proceeded with Nineteen Minutes, thinking that it couldn’t be that depressing I went with it and after the first page, I was hooked. One thing about her writing that is so breath taking is that she begins some of her chapters with a relevant quote from another source, so the reader is instantly connected and directed towards the text through her intertextual references. Picoult draws the reader in and her intent is always to provoke discussion on topics from perspectives that are uncomfortable, upsetting and sometimes disturbing.

So far I have collected 14 of them, and I will continue to buy them and read them all.. At the moment I’m reading The Tenth Circle which is such an enthralling read, I would highly reccommend it…

The process of growing up was nothing more than figuring out what doors hadn’t yet been slammed in your face

The Tenth Circle 


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