First ever cooking success.

Cooking and baking is something which I am generally not very accustom to. My friends will say that I can cook, but I am just can’t be bothered (also because I have to have a clean kitchen to cook in and that is something that is difficult to come by). 

I made the decision today that while I am searching for my perfect job, I would bake or make deserts… also potentially get into making crafty things. So obviously I still had some seizing to do, so I decided to make some Flapjack with Pecans and raisins. Some will say that Flapjack is the easiest thing to cook ever, and yes it probably is, but it doesn’t take away the fact that for a novice like me it was still a challenge (Porridge Oats went everywhere!). 

The recipe was from the absolute gangster of cookery, Delia Smith… she explains to people how to boil an egg, so obviously she is my baking guru. 


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