Champagne lifestyle on a beer bottle budget

I’ve checked my finances today, and realised that they are not good, there are so many things that I want to do.. go on exotic holiday’s, buy a new wardrobe, a new fresh range of make up, move to London.. but i’m not getting off to a very good start – not at all.

Things are going to take longer than I first anticipated.. I’ll have to put my dreams on hold for the moment so I can get some stability money. I want the big bright lights, the music, the theatre, city breaks and a flash car.. I’m either going to have to find an amazing job, but they are quite hard to secure.. or find a rich husband (something as slippery as an Eel – even more difficult to secure)

I feel like my lifes going down the pan before it has even started, and i’m still in education..! Trying to stay optimistic is difficult when everyone around you are high flyers, with better jobs or just a job in the first place.

Trying to stay optimistic on a day like today is testing, very testing.


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