3 steps forward and 5 steps back


I’m currently writing my dissertation and my word count is just at a standstill. No matter many words I write my word count is just not moving, every time I write something I have to take something out, very annoying. Plus the sham of a library is closed so I’m sat in the learning centre, in a very uncomfortable position sitting on a very uncomfortable chair (all the swiveling chairs were taken) eavesdropping overhearing other peoples conversations, some are talking about food, guys, girls, clothes, make up… all the things that I love talking about, but not when I’m trying my hardest to write thousands of words in such a short space of time. Vampires, blood, sucking blood… it is safe to say that it is NOT fun, but it was this topic or writing about Joyce, Woolf, Chaucer or Defoe… so Stoker, Rice and Meyer it is.


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