Men are most definitely from Mars

There’s many things in life that I’ve wondered.. Things such as, why the sky is blue? Why the sea is salty? And why pizzas come in square cardboard boxes.. But there is one thing I cannot fathom, why do some guys treat nice girls badly?
For once in a long time this doesn’t actually concern me directly, but somehow it always seems to come full circle. They don’t seem to comprehend that showing off in front of your mates and making us upset is NOT banter, never has been nor never will be banter. Banter is a process, it sort of like acts like a verb.. (a doing or being word.. To banter with someone) – not to make them feel like shit.
Some guys just genuinely don’t get it.. At the end of the day most girls in their early twenties have already had their hearts broken, so do they honestly believe that any girl is going to waste their time even entertaining such a guy? Not me, that’s for sure.
Girls are just as bad, but I’m clearly bias on this subject because there usually is a double standard (which is neither fair or explainable), but there just is.
Girls like the bad boys, nobody wants to date Roy Cropper.. The village drip.. But then we complain when we get hurt because he doesn’t text back within 10 minutes.. Make up your minds…
For me, I’m just waiting for somebody who isn’t a complete tosser.


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